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Beyond the Medal - The Untold Story of Kerri Pottharst!

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Hold on to Your Seats, It’s Olympic-Level Inspiration! We’re ecstatic to bring you a living legend, Kerri Pottharst. If the name rings a bell, it should—she’s the iconic volleyball player who, along with Nat Cook, gave Australia one of its proudest moments by snagging gold on Bondi Beach during the Sydney Olympics.

Kerri is the epitome of dedication and resilience. A three-time Olympian, she’s also been honored as an inductee into the International Volleyball Hall of Fame. That’s not just grit, that’s Pure Grit.

But guess what? Her talents don’t just stop at the volleyball net. She’s an accomplished author, a dynamic motivational speaker, and you’ll soon see her test her mettle in Seven’s upcoming SAS Australia. Prepare to be inspired on multiple fronts!

During our chat, we delve into the nitty-gritty details of Kerri’s life. We explore the highs and lows of parenting during the challenging times of Covid. We pick her brain about her indomitable Olympic spirit, and yes, we get an exclusive scoop on her Order of Australia Medal.

For anyone who’s struggled with juggling life’s curveballs or questioned how far dedication can take you, this is an episode you won’t want to skip. Tune in to hear the candid, electrifying, and wholly authentic story of Kerri Pottharst—a true heroine in sports and in life.

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