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Natasha Zuvela

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Natasha Zuvela is no ordinary TV presenter, from her days at MTV to being the face of many national brands like Virgin and XXXX to featuring on informercials on Channel 7,9 and 10. Natasha also stepped into the shoes of Steve Irwin after he passed away, huge shoes to fill,  presenting the live shows in the Crocoseum locked in with 500kg Saltwater Crocs and snakes entertaining over 5000 people.

You would never have known Natasha had to overcome not only shyness but child abuse, depression then attempts at suicide. She did that with Grit and determination. Natasha is now a wife and Mum of 2 children and runs a very successful business teaching others to be as professional as her on camera with her business Video Mastery.

She is also a life coach and author teaching others to live an extraordinary life in her inspirational read  Courage to Shine.

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