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Ep.47 – Karen Jacobsen AKA Siri

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Karen Jacobsen AKA Siri

 Karen Jacobsen was destined to be on stage as she dreamed of being just like Olivia Newton John as a young girl and she sure did moving to New York and becoming an award winning singer and songwriter.
What she didn’t expect was to go for an audition to record a text to speech voice system…that would then make her world famous ! ” Siri” ‘ Is your name Karen?”

From that moment on she became a legend in pop culture and also has been getting us to our destinations and giving us directions via GPS all over the world . Karen is in over a billion devices. She is a business woman , powerful speaker, amazing singer songwriter and has just released an album. A delightful conversation with an incredible story which goes from losing it all to how you can start again and succeed.

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