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You Can't See Her Pain - Tanya Young Reveals Her Invisible Disease!

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re you ready for a story that encapsulates the true essence of grit and determination? Look no further, because this week on Pure Grit, we sit down with Tanya Young—a fighter, a survivor, and an incredible woman with an indomitable spirit. 🌟

At the height of her success with her business, The Lash Angel, Tanya was struck down by a life-altering diagnosis. Living with CIDP, Chiari 1 Brain Malformation, Vestibular migraines, and Coccydynia, her life now is a testament to resilience. 😢

These aren’t just medical terms; they’re battles Tanya faces every day. Battles that are often invisible to the eye but felt deeply in the soul. She’s fighting not just for herself but also to break the societal norms and stigma associated with invisible pain and disability. 🎗️

You’ll hear about the therapies she’s committed to, which are not just helping her but are setting an example for anyone dealing with their personal struggles. These therapies are revolutionary, and they’re part of Tanya’s journey to live her best life, even when the odds are stacked against her. 🌈

Follow her journey at @thatshowirollwithbrokenwings, and get ready for an episode that’s as uplifting as it is enlightening. This is more than a podcast; this is a lesson in humanity and the strength of the human spirit. 🌟

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