Ep.44 – Tanya Young

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Tanya Young

Tanya Young lives with an invisible disease and invisible pain. She was such a successful business woman with her business The Lash Angel then at the height of her success was struck down so young with what she thought was a sore back but her diagnosis was life changing and disabling. She was diagnosed with CIDP, Chiari 1 Brain Malformation, Vestibular migraines and a degenerative spinal condition Coccydynia.

With incredible grit and determination Tanya is fighting back from this disabling pain and changing the stigma of how we judge or treat people with what we cant perhaps see their pain , disability and struggles. Tanya chats about her incredible therapies she is committed to doing to live her best life.

You can follow her journey @thatshowirollwithbrokenwings

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