Ep.42 – Jasmina McGlone

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Jasmina McGlone

Yasmina McGlone proves girls can do anything. She is what grit is all about. She was raised in Scotland and born with a rare movement disorder called Myoclonus Dystonia similar to a disorder we maybe more familiar with Tourette Syndrome . Living with Myoclonus Dystonia makes simple tasks for us like sipping a cup of tea or coffee a very difficult task.
She was subjected to bullying in school, stares , harsh comments as she grew up. She just wanted to be a normal like everyone else. Yasmina took to drinking and partying as it eased her jerk. She is all about inclusion and has now embraced and is loving herself and has established her blog Living with a Jerk. Such an inspirational beautiful young women travelling and talking to children in schools about difference and excepting who you are.


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