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Braving the Jerk - Yasmina McGlone on Living, Loving, and Thriving with Myoclonus Dystonia!

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This episode promises not just a conversation but a powerful life lesson that’ll change your perspective on adversity, resilience, and self-love. We’re honored to host Yasmina McGlone, the living embodiment of grit and determination. 🌟

Born in Scotland, Yasmina was diagnosed with a rare movement disorder called Myoclonus Dystonia, making simple tasks like sipping coffee a monumental challenge. But Yasmina didn’t let that or the societal norms limit her in any way. She was determined to live life on her terms, even when that meant facing bullying, stares, and harsh comments. 💪🏻☕

Yasmina took to drinking and partying as an escape, but soon realized that true empowerment lay in embracing herself fully. Today, she’s a successful blogger and a globe-trotting advocate. She founded the incredible platform “Living with a Jerk” and travels worldwide, enlightening young minds about the beauty of diversity and self-acceptance. 🌍

Yasmina’s story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of human resilience. She transformed her challenges into a platform for advocacy, education, and love. If you’ve ever felt held back by your circumstances, this episode is the morale boost you need. Get ready to feel your spirits soar!


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