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Nici Andronicus

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Nici Andronicus represented Australia for 10 years in Penthalon, then as a Triathlete in 10 World Championships and over 90 international events. She reached No. 2 in the World in 1997 in Triathlon (after having her first child).

A mother of 5, she studied for her Masters in Business all whilst supporting her husband Paul McClean (Ep 18 Pure Grit )as he has battled terminal brain cancer. Nici updates us on Paul’s condition in this episode.

Nici is the CEO of 10×10 Philanthropy. She is so passionate about philanthropy and boosting start-up charities. She is an incredibly capable and strong woman. She inspires me to be the best I can and never says never.

This episode was a week after the March4Justice campaign all over the country so it was topical. I did not expect for our conversation to go in the direction it took.

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