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Dr Matthew Zoeller

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This week on the podcast we are welcoming an Intensive Care Specialist and Covid 19 Frontline Worker and Critical Care Specialist, Dr Matthew Zoeller. He is now the Director of Education and Training at Northern Beaches hospital and the Founder and CEO of My Mirror, an online psychology service for all Australians to access from their homes.

Dr Zoeller was instrumental in setting up Australia’s medical response to Covid.  We’ll chat to him about the measures put in place and how well Australia is dealing with the covid 19 pandemic as well as his thoughts on the possibility of another outbreak.

When he’s not working you’ll find him out in the surf at Freshwater, ‘Freshie’ on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. He loves to grow sweet peas and will take over the dance floor if he hears, Rhianna’s Umbrella! As with all our guests, Matt has shown Pure Grit and perseverance to get to where he is today. Matt is allot of fun and we hope you enjoy the podcast!

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