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Endurance, Politics, Charity - The Triple-Threat Life of Pat Farmer!

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If you’re searching for the epitome of ‘Pure Grit,’ look no further—Pat Farmer AM is the embodiment of it. Join us in this invigorating episode where we dive deep into the extraordinary life of this multiple world record holder for endurance running.

Imagine this: You’re running from the North Pole to the South Pole, taking 10 months and 13 days, with ZERO days off! Sounds impossible, right? Not for Pat Farmer. Over his 30-year ultra-marathon career, Pat has left footprints across continents—India, Vietnam, America, Australia, and the Middle East. But that’s not all; Pat also clocked in 8 years as a Member of Parliament. Talk about versatility!

On top of his incredible athletic and political feats, Pat has a heart of gold. He’s raised millions of dollars for various charities, and for these multifaceted contributions, he has been honored with the Order of Australia.

So, what’s the secret sauce to Pat’s enormous success? At 18, he found inspiration in the great Cliff Young and entered the Sydney to Melbourne Ultra—his first-ever run. That race set him on a journey that would redefine endurance sports, charitable fundraising, and public service.

In this eye-opening conversation, Pat spills the beans on his training routines, how he manages to keep going when everything screams “stop,” and the art of translating physical exertion into charitable actions. It’s a breathtaking ride from start to finish, showcasing the infinite possibilities when someone has, well, Pure Grit.

Don’t miss this inspiring episode that covers endurance, philanthropy, politics, and above all, the raw human spirit that drives us to go beyond our limits. This is the episode you’ve been waiting for.

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