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Ahmed Kelly

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Ahmed Kelly is a two times Paralympian and Silver Medallist at 2019 World Para Swimming Championships in London. Born with severely underdeveloped arms and legs which was not uncommon in Countries torn by chemical warfare.
He was born in Iraq where in a Bagdad Orphange  he met his now brother and previous guest on Pure Grit in April  Emmanuel Kelly where they met their Mum Humanitarian Moria Kelly. She adopted them both bought Ahmed and Emmanuel to Australia. His sisters Krishna and Trishna who were previously conjoined twins are often poolside cheering on their brother .
Ahmed had surgery to remove both his legs from below the knee then he was able to have prosthetics fitted and he was introduced to his first passion Australian Rules. He earned the nickname “Nails” for his tough-as-nails style of play…then turned to ” Liquid Nails” when he discovered Para-Swimming.
Incredibly positive full of passion, grit and determination we chat about the Tokyo trials and making the Olympic team again  and his hopes to one day being a television commentator. Pure inspiration heartwarming.

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