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Going to Extremes - Jenny Valentish on What Drives Ultra-Endurance Athletes!

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Are you ready for an episode that will challenge your notions of what the human body and mind can accomplish? Meet Jenny Valentish—journalist, author, and an explorer of human limits.

Jenny is no ordinary journalist. She’s the kind who doesn’t just write; she immerses herself in her stories. For her fourth book, “Everything Harder Than Everyone Else,” she trained for a Muay Thai boxing fight! Now, how many writers do you know who’d go that far to understand their subject?

The episode kicks off with Jenny’s take on SAS Australia—a phenomenon she’s explored in an article for The Guardian. Why do we find it so gripping to watch people pushed to their limits? Jenny breaks down the psychological hooks that make the show an undeniable hit.

But we’re not stopping there. Jenny deep-dives into her research on ultra-endurance athletes, bodybuilders, and martial artists. What compels someone to run hundreds of miles or build mountains of muscle? You’ll be amazed at the insights Jenny has unearthed through her hands-on research.

This episode is not just about the hows but also the whys. It’s a labyrinth of mind-bending stories and thought-provoking discussions that you won’t be able to stop thinking about. Ready for a journey to the extremes of human capability? Hit that play button!

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