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The Musical Duo You Didn’t Know Were Survivors - Abby Dobson & Lara Goodridge Reveal All!

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Brace Yourselves for a One-of-a-Kind Episode! This week we’re not just having a conversation; we’re having a “ménage et trois” with the ARIA-nominated, spellbinding Faux French duo Baby Et Lulu – Abby Dobson and Lara Goodridge. 🇫🇷 🎤

Abby Dobson, who initiated her career by busking on the romantic streets of Paris, New York, and Athens, skyrocketed to stardom in the late ’90s with an ARIA Song of the Year hit. But behind that success was a woman grappling with an agonizing private battle. Little did we know, our ’90s idol had her own set of struggles. 💔

Lara Goodridge is another fascinating half of this magnetic pair. With a Master’s degree in French Studies, she’s been playing the violin since she was just 3. Lara is also part of the extraordinary ‘indie rock band that just happens to be a string quartet’ FourPlay, who’ve played at iconic venues like Carnegie Hall. However, what makes Lara truly remarkable is her battle against debilitating stage fright, anxiety, and depression. 😨🎻

Together, these incredible women talk about their enduring friendship, how they merged their individual talents into Baby Et Lulu, and the making of their 3rd album “Album Trois.” 🎶

They share not just harmonies but also their experiences of overcoming life’s severe challenges through grit, resilience, and of course, friendship. Get ready to be moved, amused, and inspired!

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