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Moira Kelly - The Unsung Heroine Who's Saving Lives Across Continents!

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Prepare to be Moved and Inspired! Our latest episode brings you a woman who’s changed the world, one act of kindness at a time — Moira Kelly.

From the humble beginnings of working alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta, Moira took her calling to a global level. Whether it was volunteering in soup kitchens in Johannesburg, nursing crack babies in The Bronx, or serving in refugee camps in Bosnia, her compassion extended across borders and barriers.

With her self-funded program, Moira arranged medical evacuations for children in dire need. Her humanitarian efforts have transcended nationalities, making headlines and capturing the collective heart of our nation.

You’ve likely heard of Ahmed and Emmanuel Kelly from Iraq. Both have overcome immense challenges, with Emmanuel carving a successful career in singing and songwriting, and Ahmed breaking records as a Paralympian swimmer.

Then, there are Trishna and Krishna, the conjoined twins from Bangladesh, whose remarkable 38-hour separation surgery captivated the world.

In this episode, Moira updates us on the twins, now teenagers, and shares her invaluable parenting tips. She also talks about the slew of awards she’s received, including Orders of Australia, a Prime Minister Award, ANZAC of the Year, and many nominations for Australian of the Year.

This is an episode of Pure Grit that you simply cannot miss. Let Moira Kelly’s story inspire you to make your own positive impact on the world.

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