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The Red-haired Angel of Cambodia - Geraldine Cox's Tale of Love and Grit

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In this unmissable episode, we sit down with Geraldine Cox AM, a trailblazer in humanitarian work and the embodiment of grit and grace. Once a globe-trotting diplomat for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Geraldine’s first posting to Cambodia amidst the Vietnam War was a life-altering experience that forged an unbreakable bond with the country and its children.

But this is no ordinary success story; it’s a tale stitched with harsh realities, unbreakable commitments, and an ocean of love. With her iconic flaming red hair and an undying resolve, Geraldine founded Sunrise Cambodia at the age of 50, giving a new home and hope to over 800 orphaned or abused children.

Geraldine recounts stories that are a potent mix of hope and despair, beauty and tragedy. Her fierce honesty pierces through, making you feel every word as she reveals the darker corners of humanity and the shining lights that can emerge from them. From navigating the complexities of running an orphanage to sharing intimate anecdotes of the children who call her ‘Big Mum,’ this is an episode that will leave you feeling a profound mix of admiration, inspiration, and perhaps even a sense of responsibility to make a difference.

Whether you’re a humanitarian at heart, a parent, or simply someone looking to understand the depths of human resilience and love, this conversation with Geraldine Cox AM is a ‘must-listen.’ It’s a touching narrative that compels us to reflect on the world around us and reassures us that even in the darkest corners, love can bloom.

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