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Connie McIntosh: The Cybersecurity Titan Guarding Your Digital World!

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Get Ready for an Eye-Opening Episode! Welcome to a conversation with one of the most influential figures in cybersecurity, Connie McIntosh. As the Head of Security for Ericsson Market Area, Connie is at the forefront of safeguarding our digital future. 🌐💻

Connie’s illustrious career is a tapestry of achievements and groundbreaking work. She has fortified security measures and protected critical infrastructures across the globe. Her role encompasses a wide array of security dimensions, from Cyber and Information Security to Product, Physical, Operational Security, and Privacy.

Before joining Ericsson, Connie played pivotal roles in enhancing the security of Australian Government’s Computer Emergency Response team and Secure Classified Networks. Her extensive experience makes her a coveted authority in both public and private sectors.

But Connie’s prowess isn’t confined to cybersecurity alone. She holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems and has honed her skills further through a cybersecurity program at Harvard University.

Named in the top 100 women in Cybersecurity by US Cyber Defense Magazine, Connie is also featured in books like “Hacking Gender Barriers” and “Europe’s Top Cyber Women.” Beyond her professional accolades, she’s a renowned international speaker, presenter, CTF judge, and mentor.

In this episode, we journey with Connie from the icy landscapes of Finland to the bustling streets of India, unraveling her efforts to inspire and mentor young women in cybersecurity. But that’s not all. Connie is also a devoted mother of two and a fitness enthusiast, having won multiple titles, including Miss World Fitness.

As we explore Connie’s multifaceted life, we dive into a critical question: What is our biggest threat to personal security and privacy? Her insights are not only enlightening but essential in understanding the complex cybersecurity landscape of today.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a cybersecurity titan. Tune in now for an episode that promises to be as informative as it is inspiring! 🎧

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