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From Home and Away to Hollywood - The Incredible Rise of Dan Ewing!

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Are you ready to be dazzled? Because this week on Pure Grit, we’re chatting with none other than Australian actor Dan Ewing, a superstar who has made the jump from “Home and Away” to Hollywood.

Known for his role as Heath Braxton, the bad-boy River Boy with a heart of gold, Dan has captured the hearts of viewers Down Under. But did you know he’s doing the same thing in Hollywood? That’s right; Dan is lighting up big billboards on Hollywood Boulevard, thanks to his No. 1 Netflix movie “Occupational Rainfall.”

Sharing screen time with stars like Ken Jeong and Temuera Morrison, Dan has proven that he’s a master of his craft. 🎭 But his skills don’t end there! Fresh off Celebrity SAS Australia, Dan showed the world he’s not just another pretty face; he’s got grit and resilience, too.

So what’s next for Dan? He’s keeping his cards close to his chest, but something BIG is coming. This episode dives deep into Dan’s journey, his acting craft, and what fuels his relentless drive. We’re also letting you in on some little-known stories and future plans that Dan has never shared before.

Get ready for an episode that’s not just entertaining but is also an inspiring lesson in dedication, hard work, and, of course, pure grit. With Dan Ewing, the sky’s the limit, and you won’t want to miss what’s coming next!

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